Chalet Davis

Director of Property Management & Lease Administration

Chalet joined RealtyLink as the Lease Administrator in April 2013. She brought with her 5 years of commercial real estate experience as a Director of Operations and over 10 years of operations training and management in the healthcare industry.

Chalet is responsible for overseeing the life cycle of leases from execution through completion of the development to Tenant opening and rent commencement. This includes preparing Lease Abstracts, Amendments, Commencement Date Agreements, and various other documents as needed. She coordinates with the Principal, Project Manager and General Contractor to ensure timelines and Lease obligations are being met. Once a project is complete, she coordinates with the Property Manager to ensure a smooth transition for the Tenants. She has also been a lead role in implementing the MRI and Workspeed databases to make the companies Lease Administration, Property Management and Accounting departments more efficient.

Chalet is a native of Virginia and has lived in the Upstate since 2003 with her husband and they are the parents to two wonderful boys.

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